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Polyvios Christoforos is a native of Salem Massachusetts. He is an acclaimed artist and author with autism.

Polyvios wrote and and illustrated his children's book "Sammy Smart Guy." The book is about a young boy who struggles with autism but becomes a successful artist despite the challenges he faces. Although the book is based on a fictional character, the story is an autobiographical account of Polyvios's life. His story teaches children to follow their heart, no matter what people say.

In 2009 Polyvios won first place in the New England Congressional Art Competition, earning his painting ‘Dusk at the Acropolis’ a spot in the house of Congress in Washington, D.C. for a whole year. Polyvios, or Paul for short, has also had his artwork on display in art exhibits and healthcare facilities throughout Massachusetts such as Boston Children's Hospital. He has sold his artwork on mugs, postcards, and t-shirts to raise money for autism foundations. Paul is on a mission to raise autism awareness and pursue his dreams of becoming a cartoon animator.

Order Polyvios's artwork at this link.



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